Sergey Kulinkovich

Sergey Kulinkovich

Co-founder at ✨Art Director at Art. Lebedev Studio.

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The Future of design

At first everyone learned how to make it beautiful. Then everyone learned how to make it easy to use. Then everyone learned, how to find solutions with the highest conversion rates. Great mind is not necessary when the well-known technology is available. Meh.

The design of yesterday (in the sense of “beautiful, simple, with high conversion rate”) from a mysterious craft of the chosen ones has turned into something close to engineering science, as it once happened with physics.

The main challenge for the true designer of tomorrow is to create interest and value. The designer of the future separates the signal from noise at all levels from the design of a business card to the creation of a business strategy.

Future designer's tools are taste, empathy and deep understanding of how this world works.